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August 30, 2018

#TeamUpstate storytelling continues with life science, R&D, talent development,
Vehicle Assembly Center and community building stories from across region


What does it mean to have R&D activity and life science industries present within our region? How are Clemson University and Greenville Technical College collaborating with BMW and Siemens to drive innovative models for education and research? How do industries build relationships with the K-12 education community? How can building a sense of community foster our workforce? 

Our newest video project explores growing industries across the Upstate and how #TeamUpstate organizations are working together to meet industry needs through these stories: 

The video was unveiled during the Upstate SC Alliance's 2018 Mid-Year Meeting, as part of a series that will span the 10-county Upstate region as a tool for familiarizing business prospects with the Upstate's business environment and assets. 
TOPICS: #TeamUpstate, "Colleges & Universities", "Existing Industry", Innovation, "Life Science", Manufacturing, "Skilled Workforce", "Technical College System"


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