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Focus Areas

The strength and quality of the existing industry in the Upstate, coupled with the region’s highly skilled workforce, comprehensive infrastructure, and vibrant quality of life, make Upstate South Carolina the ideal location for corporate expansion.

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Upstate South Carolina, with more than 150 automotive-related companies and a 250-acre automotive research center, is making an international name as a fast-growing region for automotive excellence.

LEARN about the Upstate's dynamic private industry, collaborative research environment and tremendous educational support or CONNECT with our knowledgeable staff to find the right property to suit your company's needs.

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Advanced manufacturing requires advanced materials, and Upstate South Carolina is increasingly supplying them to the world. See what Upstate manufacturers have to offer the healthcare, plastics, automotive, advanced textiles, photonics, and composite industries.

LEARN more about the Upstate's strategic location to major markets, access to raw materials and connections to growing industries or CONNECT with our knowledgeable staff to find a site or building to match your company's needs.

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Energy will always be a growth industry. And Upstate South Carolina companies are powering a lot of that growth with advances in solar/wind generation, nuclear and energy grid component manufacturing, and energy systems solutions.

EXPLORE where our energy comes from or CONNECT with our knowledgeable staff. FIND information on the industry, the research partners and select properties well suited for the energy industry.

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Building upon a strong research foundation, Upstate South Carolina is home to biosciences excellence. Our five incubation facilities - and facilities producing the latest medical devices, pharmaceuticals and surgical materials - are advancing the frontiers of medical science.

LEARN more about the Upstate's Bioscience community or CONNECT with our knowledgeable staff that can answer your questions about the finding the right location for your company.

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Home to industry leaders like GE Aviation, Lockheed Martin and Honeywell, the aerospace industry is flying forward in Upstate South Carolina. A strong background in advanced materials, synergies within the automotive sector and a highly trained workforce make this the perfect place to land your company.

EXPLORE why aerospace has become a growing industry in the Upstate. LEARN about our existing industries and unique workforce programs that support aerospace companies like yours. CONNECT with our knowledgeable staff to find the best site or building to meet your company's relocation needs.

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