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The Partnership for a Greater Greenwood County was created in 1999 by community members and business people to establish measurable goals and objectives for the county's community and economic development, and to secure the public/private funding to attain them. More than 155 partners, consisting of corporations, individuals and organizations from both public and private sectors, invested over $4.7 million payable over 4 years. Initially contracting with two existing organizations - the Greenwood Area Chamber of Commerce and the Greenwood County Economic Alliance - the Partnership set specific goals and benchmarks to be attained. As part of the Partnership, the Foundation for a Greater Greenwood County was created to fund various workforce initiatives.

Accomplishments to date

The Partnership has produced remarkable results on behalf of Greenwood with the two contracting agencies. The Greenwood Area Chamber of Commerce is incorporating academic excellence through their workforce development committee. The Greenwood County Economic Alliance, Inc. is achieving economic expansion. Both organizations are meeting goals - and exceeding them - with outstanding efforts and results. Using a wide array of community resources and actions through expanded tutorial and mentoring programs, new life-skills training initiatives, extensive business/education partnerships and other community collaborations, the Chamber's workforce development efforts has realized an increase in PACT scores helping children attain grade level by the end of grade 4, increased the high school graduation rate and increased the availability of job candidates with certifiable skills. The Alliance, originally contracted to create 2,000 primary jobs, has helped to gain 1,408 jobs over three years. Contracted to increase capital investments by $200 million, the Alliance surpassed this goal with $231.9 million. Additionally, through support of commercial/retail development, Greenwood has seen an increase of more than $23.5 million in new construction and the creation of an additional 669 jobs.

Forward Looking

The Partnership's original mandate of four years for measurable results has been expanded by its pro-active effect on the community in order to encompass longer-term goals and to continue achieving marked progress in revitalizing Greenwood's future. Today, we are beginning to realize synergy of all groups and what they bring to the table. Puzzle parts are coming together, working and supporting each other - county, city, corporations, individuals, nonprofits. Ultimately, Greenwood County will be the best it can be - offering quality of life, economic development and workforce development.

Contact Information:

Thornwell Dunlap III
President- The County Bank
PO Box 3129
Greenwood SC 29648
(864) 942-1517 Ph
(864) 227-5182 Fax

Phil Vickery
Plant Manager- Capsugel
535 North Emerald Road
Greenwood SC 29646
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