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(Infographic): What Drives the Automotive Industry in Upstate S.C.

May 11, 2015

Home to global leaders such as BMW, Bosch, Magna, Michelin and ZF, Upstate South Carolina has become one of the nation’s most dynamic regions for automotive production and research. While our region’s progressive business climate and quality of life play a significant role in Upstate S.C.’s success in the automotive industry, perhaps the biggest asset the area has is its available workforce.

The Upstate’s population has grown at a rate of 10% since 2000 and the region’s educational pipeline of schools, colleges and universities, and apprenticeship programs feeds a workforce that features employees with specialized skills, including a high concentration of engineering talent, mechatronic specialists, team assemblers, metal workers, machinists and fabricators.

A shining example of the region’s unique position as workforce development and research leader is Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) which operates as a unique nexus of academia, the automotive industry and government. CU-ICAR is home to the nation’s first PhD in Automotive Engineering and is leading the way in cutting edge research to solve some of the most challenging problems of the automotive industry.

A closer look at what drives the success of the automotive industry in Upstate South Carolina:


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