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Hogan Howle Enterprises is a contract manufacturing business helping businesses scale by taking over their client’s production, assembly, inventory, and shipping. Hogan Howle Enterprises uses LEAN process improvement strategies to bring our client’s innovative solutions from prototype to scaled production while helping our clients control their capital, per unit, and overall costs. Hogan Howle Enterprises also supports their client’s by providing facilities for production, hiring and managing a skilled workforce, and simplifying the supply chain.

Hogan Howle Enterprises understands that all of our client’s needs are different and will tailor a solution for all, or parts of the client’s production process.

Walker Hogan
640 S. Main Street
Suite 102A
Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: 864-979-8991
Email: whogan@hoganhowleenterprises.com
Website: www.hoganhowleenterprises.com