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South Carolina Named Third Best State for Doing Business by Area Development

September 26, 2014

In Area Development’s recent survey on the Top States for Doing Business, South Carolina was recognized among the best with a No. 3 ranking. Judged by a survey of site consultants, the rankings are based on the number of mentions by the consultants in three overall categories—business environment, labor climate and infrastructure and global access—as well as in 18 subcategories.

Within the subcategories of the report, South Carolina was specifically noted for being the No. 1 in its low overall cost of doing business and No. 2 in its highly regarded incentive programs, cooperative state government and certified sites with shovel-readiness. Also noted was South Carolina’s consistent, high quality work force, which is strengthened through state workforce -training systems like readySCTM, continued developments in STEM-based and university-research driven education programs and creative incubation hubs. 

Bill Luttrell, Senior Locations Strategist at Werner Global Logistics provided commentary on the recent report; specifically on the Southern States domination of the list (8 out of the 10 top states are located in the South). When commenting on the future of business in the region, Luttrell highlights the South’s strong performance and continued competitive edge:


“This is all good news for the investor. From their perspective, the region offers a location where it can set up easily, source locally or import using local world-class ports, make a product at a reasonable price with reasonable regulations, and sell a product directly into the heart of the largest consumer base in the world — with the biggest expansion of this base being their own region. 


To the South, this means jobs. To continue this success, the region must provide skilled workers, and the workforce development agencies of these states are among the best. The reason the South dominates the survey — they work together to welcome and nourish the investor. Expect the Southern States to be here on the list next year as well. “

In order to prove to interested companies that the South indeed is one of the best places to do business, it’s crucial that states offer support and services to “welcome and nourish the investor,” – a mission Upstate Alliance is dedicated to fulfilling.

“Our team offers a litany of services that can help any company looking to move to the Upstate,” said Jennifer Miller, Vice President and COO of Upstate Alliance. “From finding the perfect location, to gathering critical market intelligence and establishing business connections, we educate them on the area and its offerings, connect them to the resources and information they need and support them in their entire decision making process.”

For more information about Upstate South Carolina and its favorable business climate please visit upstateSCalliance.com.

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