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Hipp Engineering & Consulting, Inc.

Hipp Engineering & Consulting, Inc. is a professional engineering consulting firm headquartered in
Raleigh, North Carolina, with offices in Greenville, South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia. We are a
team of full service engineers who specialize in the design of manufacturing facilities and supporting
mechanical, electrical, process, and instrumentation & controls systems for select industrial,
pharmaceutical, biotech, food processing, health care, personal care, and other FDA-regulated
clients. We also provide onsite project management resources and design support at client facilities.

Gresham Barker, Client Solutions Executive
Hipp Engineering & Consulting, Inc.
81 Rocky Slope Road, Suite A
Greenville, SC 29607
Phone: (864) 263-4889
Email: gresham.barker@hipp-usa.com
Website: http://www.hipp-usa.com