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We take pride in the bright minds driving today’s business success, and the talent pipeline preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities. From industry-informed STEAM programs starting in early childhood to 23,500+ higher education graduates, education reigns supreme in the Upstate. And it doesn’t end at graduation: with apprenticeship programs, technical training assistance, and customized onboarding programs, Upstate resources are at the ready for workforce development.

South Carolina’s Workforce Training Programs

readySCTM provides customized training for new and expanding business and industry in the state of South Carolina at little or no cost to qualifying companies. They work closely with companies to provide the recruiting and training assistance they need to get up and running and supports their continued growth. And, Apprenticeship Carolina™ helps their workforce continue to grow by guiding companies through the registered apprenticeship process from initial information to full recognition in the National Registered Apprenticeship System.

readySC™ provides a full range of services to qualified companies including:

    • Recruitment Solutions
    • Curriculum Development & Training
    • Instructors
    • Training Site
    • Project Management Approach

The SC Technical College System works hand-in-hand with its affiliate programs: readySC™, Apprenticeship Carolina™  and QuickJobs Carolina™, so companies located in the area can take full advantage of the extensive education and training network. The Upstate is home to four technical colleges, serving more than 28,500 students and providing customized technical training through readySC, as well as through degree and certificate programs educating students to meet the needs of regional employers.

Learn more about the wealth of programs offered at these Upstate institutions:

FORWARD LOOKING APPROACH to building a strong workforce

STEAM Initiatives – K-12

Inspiring young minds to take an interest in STEAM careers? That’s where the Upstate shines: take, for example: iMAGINE Upstate festival showcasing Upstate employers and career pathways and Science on the Move bringing activities to elementary schools across the region. The nationally recognized Pickens County Scholar Technician® program serves as another example of Upstate workforce development initiatives providing hands on learning experiences, driving enrollment in technical training and helping connect companies with talent.

Promise Programs and Technical Scholarships

Across the Upstate, local high school graduates have multiple routes to tuition-free postsecondary institutions through state funds, free tuition and public-private funded “Promise” programs offering tuition-free access to the area’s four technical colleges.

Build Carolina: Coding Education

Upstate-based Build Carolina is a resource that can help companies with tech talent, offering programs with various coding education offerings. SC Codes offers programming courses for all South Carolinians to unlock careers in technology, providing free online coding curriculum and localized mentors. Develop Carolina offers apprenticeship for trained software developers, and the Carolina Code School provides web and software development education. 

Attracting Top Talent

Have talent needs that require recruiting bright minds from beyond the region? Move Upstate SC offers free talent recruitment tools that employers can use to showcase the opportunities and lifestyle offered in the Upstate.