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South Carolina’s business-friendly taxation and incentive structures are designed to reduce costs and maximize return on investment for companies considering a location within the United States. At 5%, the South Carolina corporate tax rate is among the lowest in the Southeast. And, there are many tax incentives that can reduce or eliminate corporate income taxes.

South Carolina’s Taxes & Incentives

The state of South Carolina offers the following statutory tax benefits:

  • No state property tax
  • No local income tax
  • No inventory tax
  • No sales tax on manufacturing machinery, industrial power or materials for finished products
  • No wholesale tax
  • No unitary tax on worldwide profits
  • Favorable corporate income tax structure

Click here for South Carolina’s Incentive Guides for Business, Manufacturing, and Services, including details on Statutory Income Tax CreditsSales and Use Tax and IncentivesLocal Property Tax & Incentives, and Discretionary Incentives.

Workforce Training at No-Cost

One of the strongest incentives provided to growing companies in South Carolina is the workforce recruitment and training programs offered by the state through readySC™ and Apprenticeship Carolina™, which includes recruiting, screening and training that is tailored to the company’s needs.

Community-Offered Incentives

In South Carolina, only local governments levy property taxes. And, property tax and other incentives are offered by county and city governments for qualified business expansions or locations. Contact us today to explore available Upstate properties and connect directly with our county governments.

Workers’ Compensation & Unemployment Costs

  • South Carolina’s unemployment insurance rates for employers are below the national average.
  • The South Carolina State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA) unemployment insurance tax is based on the first $14,000 in wages for each employee.
  • For more information, contact the SC Department of Employment & Workforce.