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The Upstate Alliance is dedicated to assisting foreign and domestic businesses seize opportunities in an increasingly connected, global marketplace. And, we understand there are many different ways to enter new markets. With a specialized focus in the automotive, engineered materials, aerospace, life science, and food & beverage industries, we are here to provide information and support as your business evaluates its options for entering the dynamic United States market with a location in the Southeast.

We maintain strict confidentially for your location and expansion search; and, there is no charge for our services.

International Landing Pads

Are you an established international company looking to open an office and launch business in the United States of America? We can help, from connecting you to service providers ideally situated to support international companies to helping you find the perfect office space.

Our region boasts many options for office space, from co-working spaces to offices with room for warehousing. We will provide you an array of options based on your specific needs.

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Establishing New Facilities

If your company is looking to establish a new facility in the United States through purchase or lease of an existing building or greenfield development, we can conduct a search of available properties and buildings tailored to your needs. Our business recruitment team will work with you to identify key site selection criteria, such as: labor force characteristics, acreage, access to water and sewer, rail access, and more. Let us be your resource for research and comparative data with other regions you may be considering. Our team specializes in facilitating site visits and tours of the region.

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Business Partnering and Strategic Alliances

Looking to enter the U.S. market through strategic business partnering? The Upstate SC Alliance has a team of local professionals who can help connect you to opportunities to partner with local companies. Whether you are looking to joint-venture, acquire, or partner with a local company, our team will utilize our established network of economic developers, industry associations, and service providers with business formation experience to uncover and present potential target opportunities.

If you are interested in uncovering these opportunities in Upstate South Carolina, please contact us and we will discuss the parameters for the type of business operation you are seeking and perform a search through our business partnering network.