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How we Serve the Upstate

Through the support of our investors, the Upstate SC Alliance is able to carry out its mission to position the Upstate to excel in the global economy through strategic marketing, collaboration, and thought leadership. The Upstate SC Alliance knows that relationships are at the core of business, and we make every effort to connect our investors to opportunities that will build connections for their businesses.

We provide our investors with a program of benefits that includes meaningful opportunities to network and build relationships, access to high quality research services and data, education and information sharing opportunities, broad marketing exposure, and other amenities aimed at helping investors foster connections and grow their business.

How we Serve Prospective Companies

The Upstate SC Alliance provides key services to companies and site selectors who are exploring opportunities for launching new business operations in the U.S. Our experienced team of economic development professionals are here to be a first point of contact, providing you a seamless experience to make your search process as efficient as possible. We work as a team with the S.C. Department of Commerce and our local economic developers, and there is no cost to utilize our services, research, and support.

Providing Relevant and Customized Data

Our research department has access to a variety of databases and resources and can provide tailored research for your specific needs. When it comes to data on our region’s existing industry, our proprietary database is the best and most reliable resource. Let us prepare customized industry reports for you, and, explore the depth of our industry clusters with our interactive mapping and lists at our Map Center.

Site Search and Community Tours

We provide confidential and customized site location assistance to your team. Whether you are looking for a large acreage site for advanced manufacturing or start-up office space, or anything in between, our team can perform a search based on your criteria. We will provide you all the relevant details of properties that match your criteria in a report, along with any other data or research requested that is pertinent to your search.

We welcome the opportunity to host you in the Upstate and provide a customized tour of our community based on your needs. If you are planning a first visit and exploratory mission, let us provide a welcome and an overview of our state and region and introduce you to others in the community. And, if you are ready to start your property search, we can discuss in advance of your visit the specific properties and industry assets that you want to explore and then execute a detailed itinerary to make the best use of your time.

Supporting International Companies

Navigating the nuisances of opening operations in a new country is made simpler when you have the right contacts and service providers. With more than 575 international companies in our region, there is a tremendous base of knowledge and expertise in serving companies who are launching new business operations in the U.S. We can provide you connections and introductions to professional service providers who are experienced in helping international companies through this process. Learn more about International Support and Services offered.

Support for International Business Delegations

Our team also supports visits from international business delegations that are interested in learning more about the assets of the Upstate as they consider expanding their business to the U.S. We work with a variety of groups and chambers who are facilitating exploratory visits to South Carolina. We would be happy to provide a welcome and overview of the Upstate for visiting delegations; and, we can make recommendations and provide information and connections to those who are planning these types of business missions.