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If you are considering expanding your business and want to learn more about the benefits offered in Upstate South Carolina, please contact Jacob Hickman, Director of Business Recruitment, jhickman@upstatealliance.com, 864.283.2312.

If you are interested in learning more about how to get involved and join the Upstate SC Alliance, contact Lauren Scoggins, Director of Investor & Public Relations, lscoggins@upstatealliance.com, 864.283.2305.

For press and public relations requests, please contact Danielle Besser, Public Relations Manager, dbesser@upstatealliance.com, 864.283.2316.

For marketing and advertising inquiries, please contact Aimee Redick, Director of Global Engagement, aredick@upstatealliance.com, 864.283.2307.


Elizabeth Feather

Director of Research & Strategic Initiatives efeather@upstatealliance.com Phone: 864.283.2306

Jacob Hickman

Director of Business Recruitment jhickman@upstatealliance.com Phone: 864.283.2312

Aimee Redick

Director of Global Engagement aredick@upstatealliance.com Phone: 864.283.2307

Lauren Scoggins

Director of Investor & Public Relations lscoggins@upstatealliance.com Phone: 864.283.2305

Danielle Besser

Public Relations Manager dbesser@upstatealliance.com Phone: 864.283.2316

John Lummus

President/CEO jlummus@upstatealliance.com Phone: 864.283.2301

Marc Metcalf

Senior Business Recruitment Officer mmetcalf@upstatealliance.com Phone: 864.283.2302

Tiffany Tate

Talent & Strategic Projects Manager ttate@upstatealliance.com Phone: 864.283.2309

Mallory Hollis

Marketing Manager mhollis@upstatealliance.com Phone: 864.283.2304

Melody Watson

Office Manager & Executive Administrator mwatson@upstatealliance.com Phone: 864.283.2300

Addyson Cooper

Research Specialist acooper@upstatealliance.com Phone: 864.283.2314


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