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Because TOGETHER, WE can achieve the extraordinary.

#TeamUpstate Story

Everyone plays a role in a community’s economic development. Students in schools preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities. Government agencies planning and providing infrastructure that enables investment and job creation. The countless team involved in education, construction, business services, transportation and others whose work makes it possible for business to move here in the Upstate.

Over the course of the #TeamUpstate campaign, we’re telling stories intended to deepen community awareness of the benefits of economic development while growing relationships within the pool of more than 170 investor companies and public sector partners who share in a vision of enhancing the Upstate’s economic prosperity.

Our campaign goal is to better connect our local economic development agencies, the private sector, and our regional stakeholders to showcase that a team approach makes the Upstate’s business case stronger for attracting and growing business. It will unfold through a series of advertisements created by The Brandon Agency, Upstate SC Alliance events, stories placed in Upstate regional media publications, and social media engagement.

A Strong Future with #TeamUpstate

The Spirit of #TeamUpstate

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To showcase your wins and highlight your team, use #TeamUpstate to join the conversation. Have a longer story of economic development collaboration you’d like to share with us? Drop us a line.

Join the Team

Already thinking, “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!” or want more information on the role you play in the Upstate’s economic growth and business investment? Visit our Becoming an Investor page.

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Are you a company representative or site consultant curious about doing business in the Upstate? Let our team help yours – we can walk you through the process, connect you to public and private resources, and tailor research to meet your needs. Visit our Services page for more information.