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The SC Technology and Aviation Center (SCTAC) is one of the largest business parks in South Carolina, encompassing 2,600 acres of prime I-1 zoned real estate in southern Greenville County. It boasts the state’s largest General Aviation Airport and is home to more than 110 companies, including the International Transportation Innovation Center, the Southeast’s only independent, non-profit proving ground for testing and validating mobility innovations. With convenient access to air, interstate, rails, and ports, SCTAC is a dynamic economic hub for over 200 aerospace and automotive manufacturers and suppliers operating in South Carolina. To learn more about SCTAC and its available properties, please visit www.sc-tac.com.

Jody Bryson
President & CEO
ONE North Main Street, Suite 201
Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: (864) 277-3152
Fax: (864) 277-6766
Email: jody.bryson@sc-tac.com
Website: http://www.sc-tac.com