Hammer-IMS Announces Operations in Spartanburg County

June 21, 2023

Measurement systems supplier establishes operations at the Spark Center SC

Hammer-IMS, a supplier of contactless measurement systems used in production lines, has established operations in Spartanburg County at the Spark Center SC’s soft-landing space.

Hammer-IMS’ “M-Rays” technology combines millimeter waves with algorithmic technology to provide an alternative to nuclear and radioactive measuring equipment, with a commitment to being human-and environmentally-friendly.

The company’s move to establish operations in Spartanburg County comes after a capital increase allowing for the acceleration of international business options.

The Spark Center’s office soft landing space, strategically located in Spartanburg County, near the intersection of Interstates 85 and 26.

The Spark Center offers a total of 363,000 square feet of flexible industrial, warehouse, and office spaces.

Hammer-IMS plans to officially launch operations at the Spark Center on September 13.

“The amount of support services offered in Spartanburg played a significant role in our decision to locate here, particularly the landing space available thanks to the Spark Center. Spartanburg is a known name among many European businesses, and we are excited, and grateful, to join such a welcoming, supportive community.”
– Noël Deferm: co-founder, general manager, and president of Hammer-IMS

“It has been a pleasure working with the team at Hammer-IMS and our partners at the Spark Center to set the company up with landing space in Spartanburg County. Much of our economic development success can be traced to the exact kind of collaboration and partnerships our county has that are on full-display with this announcement.”
– Katherine O’Neill, chief economic development officer at OneSpartanburg, Inc.

“We will accelerate the recruitment of new colleagues and develop targeted products to operate on a larger scale. In addition to creating a broader family of measurement solutions, we are further expanding our sales and technical support internationally, including in the United States. Together with our shareholders, we strongly believe that this is the path to make Hammer-IMS a global player.”
– Tom Redant, co-founder, director, and technical manager of Hammer-IMS

“We are thrilled to host Hammer-IMS at the Spark Center as they work to establish their presence in the US. This innovative technology is an exciting industry to bring to Spartanburg, and we look forward to supporting their growth objectives.”
– Ethan Burroughs, vice president of economic advancement at Spartanburg Community College

“We’re proud to welcome Hammer-IMS to the Upstate. The company’s technology can provide a quality control asset to Upstate manufacturers, serving as an example of the business potential to be found where manufacturing and technology intersect, yielding symbiotic opportunities for international and domestic companies. We look forward to seeing them grow.”
– John Lummus, president & CEO of Upstate SC Alliance