Just In Time (JIT) Manufacturing announces expansion of operations in Cherokee County

March 28, 2024

Existing employer investing $600,000

Just In Time Manufacturing (JIT), a leading provider of manufacturing solutions, is pleased to announce a significant expansion of its operations in Cherokee County, South Carolina. This expansion represents an investment of $600,000 into the local economy and underscores JIT’s commitment to growth and development in the region.

For over 30 years, JIT Manufacturing has been a valued employer in Cherokee County, contributing to the economic vitality and stability of the region. This expansion will further strengthen our presence and commitment to the community.


“JIT Manufacturing is excited about this new chapter and is committed to continuing its tradition of excellence in manufacturing and community partnership in Cherokee County.” – JIT Manufacturing Owner/President Tim Whitaker

“The Cherokee County Council extends its deepest appreciation to JIT Manufacturing for their continued investment in our community. JIT Manufacturing has been a cornerstone of our local economy for over three decades. We are thrilled about this expansion and look forward to JIT’s continued success in our county.” – Cherokee County Council Chairman Tim Spencer

“Cherokee County is proud of the continued investment by JIT Manufacturing in our community. This industry will continue to build upon the impact already realized by our citizens. Cherokee County remains committed to the growth and expansion of our existing industry.” – Cherokee County Development Board Chairman Jim Cudd