Nuclear industry has $20 billion impact in Carolinas

November 13, 2013

The fact that the nuclear industry is significant in South Carolina surprises few people, but the $20 billion scope of its yearly economic impact in the Carolinas just might.

A new study by Clemson University says employment and corporate activity from energy production at the 12 commercial nuclear plants in South Carolina and North Carolina are primary factors, along with jobs and new construction at the federal Savannah River Site in Aiken County and waste disposal in Barnwell County, even using conservative figures.

At least 29,000 jobs are generated directly by the nuclear industry in the two states, the report released Wednesday said – 71,000 others indirectly – which generate $4.2 billion in direct and indirect pay each year along with almost $1 billion in state and local taxes.

“The nicest thing for me is being able to validate that the Carolinas is really a leader in nuclear energy for the United States,” said Jim Little, Carolinas’ Nuclear Cluster chairman, who also is a 40-year veteran of the nuclear industry.

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