Spartanburg Community College welcomes SeeDaten, Inc. to the Spark Center SC

September 11, 2018

SeeDaten LogoSpartanburg Community College recently welcomed SeeDaten, Inc., as the newest entrepreneurial client at the Spark Center SC, which is located on the college’s Tyger River Campus in Duncan. SeeDaten is an IT solution provider for B2B applications in augmented reality/mixed reality technologies (AR/MR) to improve employee learning and performance, leading to an increase in quality output and a reduction in operational cost.
“We are delighted to have our North American headquarters at the Spark,” said Philip J. Riddle, president & CEO of SeeDaten. “Our technologies are assisting companies and academia to capture and provide information on modern delivery platforms to enhance the learning and comprehension levels of associates and students.
“We provide our clients with ‘reality’ and ‘augmented reality’ solutions to assist them in accurately documenting processes that can help their associates learn required tasks at a faster, deeper level, thus effectively producing first quality results at a faster rate,” explains Riddle. “This also helps associates capture, evaluate and memorialize knowledge, which can reduce turnover and operating costs by having a more engaged workforce.”
SeeDaten partnered with Germany-based IOXP (Input Output of Experience) to deliver reality, augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) learning and process analysis software and techniques to automotive OEM/Tier 1 manufacturing, healthcare/nursing – clinical/academia, equipment manufacturing and technical services, and manufacturing industries. The software was developed at DFKI German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and spun out by the four developers into a private company, IOXP. The four founding partners have more than 150 years of business experience in sales, marketing, financial, engineering, operations from startups to Fortune 10 organizations in domestic and international business basis. 
“SeeDaten is exactly why the Spark Center was created over 11 years ago. We saw a need to develop a state-of-the-art center to attract new and expanding businesses to the area, and that’s exactly what we did,” explains Mike Forrester, SCC’s vice president of Economic Development. “The ultimate goal of the Spark is to help entrepreneurs and businesses launch, build, expand and reorganize in Spartanburg County.We are thrilled to have SeeDaten at the SparkCenter and look forward to seeing the company’s success and growth in the coming years.”
SeeDaten’s technologies convert any workflow, processes into learning and training modules complete with optic recognition, process verification and ISO documentation. The techniques bring together Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions which accelerates learning, comprehension and memorializes the processes. 
Riddle says, “In ‘reality,’ we capture a person performing a task via a phone/tablet camera or a fixed camera. The IOXP software converts the images into three platforms simultaneously:
  • ioManual – step-by-step interactive, self-paced learning;
  • ioPages – printable process flow for ISO and other certification processes in two views; and
  • Cognitive creator – engineering and planning layout
“In ‘augmented reality,’ we capture a person performing a task correctly via a fixed camera and the IOXP software creates the correct hand movements as translucent images which the person can see on a display or smart glasses. Next, the translucent ‘training hands’ guide the user through the work procedure, allowing the user to see their own hands in the display as red or green when in the correct position. This can be executed in real time and/or captured and replayed as a learning and training tool.”
“The opportunities we offer to business and industry with this cutting edge technology are limitless,” explains Noel Bylina, senior systems engineer with SeeDaten. “We meet the challenge of training workers in a more technically demanding environment through innovative software and state-of-the-art learning methods that are acceptable to current and future generations of workers. The IOXP software captures critical, tribal knowledge from a ‘graying workforce’ in an efficient, accurate and cost-effective manner that can be changed or updated as needed.”
SeeDaten photos are available and can be downloaded at the following link:
For more information about SeeDaten, contact Phillip Riddle, president and CEO, at (864) 915-1451 or [email protected].