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Parker Poe is a well-respected regional law firm in the United States. For more than a century, attorneys in the firm have represented many of the region’s largest local governments and companies in corporate, finance, regulatory, real estate and litigation matters. Parker Poe has more than 200 attorneys serving clients from four offices in South Carolina, two offices in North Carolina, and one office in Georgia.

Lawyers in each of our offices are rated among the highest quality attorneys across their respective states, recognized for effective and efficient service. Best Lawyers lists more than 70 of our attorneys in their rankings of top lawyers, and we are equally well-recognized by U.S. News & World Report, Super Lawyers, Chambers & Partners and other ratings publications.

Competitive Fees
Independent surveys by financial, accounting and research organizations rate Parker Poe among the top law firms for high-value, quality service. Research by Citi and PricewaterhouseCoopers reveal our rates to be in the mid-range of competing firms, both regionally and nationally.

Quality Service
Service satisfaction research by Altman Weil and BTI identifies Parker Poe among the leaders in client satisfaction and loyalty. Recently, BTI released its annual ranking of corporations’ satisfaction with law firms, and Parker Poe was on its “A-List” for “Advising Clients on Business Issues.”

Ongoing, independent surveys of the largest clients of Parker Poe find service satisfaction scores average higher than 9.0 on a 10-point scale. These surveys of nearly 20 top clients have found that every study participant values Parker Poe’s service and attorneys, would recommend Parker Poe and would consider our firm for service in additional legal areas.

Parker Poe is committed to the sustainable use and renewal of resources; it is critical to the health of our communities, our clients and our people. We are pursuing certification as an ABA-EPA Climate Challenge Partner, recycling over two tons of paper each month, and limiting our footprint by thoughtful consumption of paper, electricity and chemicals. The Firm has active practices in wind energy and conservation easements and we frequently volunteer for non-profits dedicated to the environment.

International Scope
Nearly 30 years ago, Parker Poe started its dedicated international practice group. The practice was an outgrowth of our firm’s service to companies based in Germany. Today, our international practice represents clients based across Europe and Asia, in Africa, Australia, Canada, and South America. The Firm has an established network of international law firms with which it works to serve these clients.

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