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Spartanburg Water is actually two entities operating under one name. We are Spartanburg Water System (a political subdivision of the city of Spartanburg, overseen by The Commission of Public Works of the City of Spartanburg, South Carolina) and Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District (a special purpose district established by the state of South Carolina and overseen by the Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District Commission). Spartanburg Water System and Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District share many things: goals, facilities, business offices, employees, a general manager, even elected commissioners. Since both are legal entities established by legislation, their finances must be kept separate. However, the work is so interrelated, we have worked as one organization for years. To help the public better understand who we are and that one phone call to our customer service number reaches both organizations, in 2007 we began using the name Spartanburg Water to represent both entities. This page contains a brief history of both organizations, with milestones highlighting significant events.

In 2014, a new mural was installed in downtown Spartanburg, reminding all who pass by that Spartanburg – Hub City – was founded in 1831. This mural encourages us to love where we live, and we do… and we love to serve where we live as well. In fact, the story of Spartanburg Water and the story of Spartanburg are intertwined. “Where water goes, Spartanburg grows!” may have been a tag line created by former Spartanburg Water General Manager John Andrea, but it still holds true today. Join us on this tour through our history as we explore not only the growth of our organization but also the growth of our city and nation.

Cam Cole
Chief Financial Officer
[email protected]
(864) 582-6375
Website: spartanburgwater.org