Beringer Aero USA relocates operations to Greenville

November 17, 2016

Beringer Aero USA today announced relocating its U.S. operations to the City of Greenville. By locating in the NEXT Manufacturing Center at 400 Bernie Street, it permits the company to relocate existing positions from its Chicago facility and improve the company’s business services.


Based in Tallard, France, Beringer Aero produces wheels and braking systems for a wide range of aircraft, from light aircraft up to its now-standard supplemental type certificate (STC) for the Pilatus PC-6, through various STC for general aviation, plus complete kits for many popular aircraft. Many of the company’s products are utilized in international air show competitions as the now famous Red Bull Air Races, Reno Air Races or Valdez STOL competition and special projects like the Solar Impulse II that flew around the world with only electric energy.


By relocating its sales and distribution from Chicago, Illinois to Greenville, South Carolina, Beringer Aero anticipates improving customer services within the North American market. To establish its City of Greenville operations, Beringer is leasing light manufacturing and distribution space within the newly established NEXT Manufacturing Center.



“Beringer is excited about the opportunities the Greenville community offers and is grateful of the support from the Greenville Area Development Corporation, NEXT, and the South Carolina Department of Commerce. The Beringer team chose Greenville, South Carolina based upon the growth of its aerospace industry and pro-business environment.” – Claire Beringer, Beringer Director Worldwide Marketing 


“NEXT attracts and grows high-impact, knowledge-based companies, and we are grateful to have Beringer Aero USA as part of this innovation ecosystem.” – John Moore, President & CEO NEXT


“Beringer Aero USA’s decision to locate this operation here is strong affirmation of the talent and professionalism of our educated, high-tech workforce and Greenville’s competitiveness.  We are grateful for the company’s commitment to our community.” – Dr. Bob Taylor, Greenville County Council Chairman