Holroyd establishing first U.S. manufacturing operations in Spartanburg County

October 20, 2016

Holroyd Precision Components (Holroyd), a sub-contract manufacturing division of Precision Technologies Group (PTG) Limited, is establishing its first U.S. manufacturing operations – Holroyd Precision Rotors, Inc. – in Spartanburg County. The $12.5 million investment is expected to create 23 new jobs.
Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the original Holroyd company was established in 1860, and has been at the forefront of special purpose machine tools manufacturing since its foundation. Holroyd also provides sub-contract manufacturing services for special screws and rotors for a wide variety of applications, such as screw compressors (used in refrigeration, air conditioning and industrial air applications), pumps, vacuum systems, blowers and superchargers. PTG incorporates the brands of Holroyd, Binns & Berry, Crawford Swift and Holroyd Precision Components.
Holroyd’s Upstate South Carolina operations will support new and existing contracts and grow the company’s customer base. Holroyd will move into an existing 34,650-square-foot facility at 130 Corporate Drive in Spartanburg, S.C, where operations are expected to be underway in the fall of 2016. The Spartanburg facility will manufacture high-precision screws and helical components for a wide range of customers across the United States. Those interested in joining the Holroyd team should visit the company’s job opportunities page online.
The Coordinating Council for Economic Development has approved job development credits related to the project. For more information on Holroyd Precision Rotors, Inc., visit www.holroyd.com.
“The selection of Spartanburg, S.C. as the location for our new U.S. facility was influenced by the area’s strong training and technical skills programs. We benefited also from the great guidance provided by the team at the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce and Development Advisors Incorporated, which helped us make our investment decision. Our factory is equipped with the best production technology available, and we are building a truly exceptional team to manage and operate it. We look forward to working with and supporting our many world-class customers across the U.S. as we grow the business.” –CEO of Precision Technologies Group Dr. Tony Bannan
“When a company like Holroyd has the opportunity to build its first U.S. manufacturing facility anywhere in the country and chooses South Carolina, it’s a testament to the hardworking people who make up our workforce. We’re excited to welcome Holroyd to the South Carolina family, and we look forward to watching it grow and thrive here for many years to come.” –Gov. Nikki Haley
“Investments like this one from Holroyd Precision Rotors, Inc. bring new jobs to our communities and help make them sustainable. Today’s announcement is yet another sign that South Carolina’s reputation for being ‘Just right’ for business continues to spread far and wide, further boosting our position as a leader in the manufacturing renaissance.” –Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt
“Spartanburg County wholeheartedly welcomes the addition of Holroyd Precision Components to our international industrial community. Holroyd’s decision to locate their first U.S. manufacturing facility in Spartanburg County demonstrates the continued team effort of our partners to provide a strong and supportive business environment.” –David Britt, Chairman of Economic Development Committee of Spartanburg County Council and Board Member of the Economic Futures Group
“The Upstate S.C. Alliance is proud to welcome Holroyd Precision Rotors, Inc. to the Upstate’s business community. We had the pleasure of spending time with the Holroyd team while visiting the United Kingdom. We were able to see firsthand their innovative production technology and know that they are a great fit for our precision manufacturing climate.” –Upstate S.C. Alliance President and CEO John Lummus

  • Holroyd Precision Rotors, Inc. is establishing operations in Spartanburg County.
  • $12.5 million investment expected to create 23 new jobs.
  • Holroyd Precision Components is a sub-contract manufacturing division of Precision Technologies Group (PTG) Limited.
  • The company’s 34,650-square-foot facility will be located at 130 Corporate Drive in Spartanburg, S.C.
  • Those interested in joining the Holroyd team should visit the company’s job opportunities page online.