Sioux Chief Manufacturing establishing Cherokee County operations

May 11, 2016

Sioux Chief Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of rough plumbing fixtures, is establishing operations in Cherokee County. The new development is expected to bring $2.5 million of new capital investment and lead to the creation of 77 new jobs. An affiliated Sioux Chief Company, Tribal Manufacturing, will run the operation.
Founded in 1957, Sioux Chief Manufacturing is an advanced manufacturer of plumbing, heating and water quality products for residential, industrial and commercial applications. The company designs, builds and maintains its own machines and equipment to ensure that exact product tolerances are achieved. 
Located at 815 Pickens Street in Chesnee, S.C., the Cherokee County facility will serve as the company’s new corporate headquarters, as well as house engineering, manufacturing and warehouse and distribution operations. Expected to be fully operational in the second quarter of 2016, hiring for the new positions has already begun. Those looking to join the Sioux Chief Manufacturing team should visit the company’s careers page online.
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“We are very excited about the opportunities at the Chesnee, S.C. operation. A great network of people here in South Carolina have supported us, and we are proud to be a part of Cherokee County and operate in the fine state of South Carolina. We have aggressive growth plans, and have already begun working with our customers and future customers to re-shore many of their products. We are proud to be an American manufacturer and we believe strongly in providing a work environment based on integrity and family values. The climate in South Carolina promotes those values and ethics, and we look forward to many successful years.” -President of Sioux Chief Manufacturing Joseph N. Ismert
“We couldn’t be more excited to announce another huge win for South Carolina’s manufacturing industry in Sioux Chief Manufacturing’s decision to invest $2.5 million and create 77 new jobs in Cherokee County. We’re thrilled to see the impact this decision will have on the people of Cherokee, and look forward to seeing this fantastic company thrive here for many years to come.” -Gov. Nikki Haley
“From cars to planes and everything in between, it’s been proven that, in South Carolina, we make things and make them well. Congratulations to Sioux Chief Manufacturing and we look forward to watching our world-class workforce succeed in producing quality products in Cherokee County.” -Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt
“We would like to welcome Tribal Manufacturing to Cherokee County and look forward to working with them to ensure success. The company’s choice to invest in new equipment and expand their operations creating new jobs for our experienced workforce shows that Cherokee County is a great place for business.” -Cherokee County Council Chair Tim Spencer

  • Sioux Chief Manufacturing establishing Cherokee County operations.
  • $2.5 million investment to bring 77 new jobs.
  • Sioux Chief Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of rough plumbing fixtures for a variety of applications. 
  • The new facility will be located at 815 Pickens Street in Chesnee, S.C.
  • For more information, visit the companies’ websites at or