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“Laurens County and South Carolina continue to provide a strong home for ZF’s manufacturing of our 8- and 9-speed transmissions. We appreciate the continued support of the local and state governments, and all of our partners in providing a healthy environment for ZF’s continued growth,”

Thomas Joos, Vice President,
ZF Transmissions Gray Court

KIYATEC was founded in 2005 to renew life through advanced technology. Their personnel deliver enabling 3D cell culture tools for the pharmaceutical, biomedical and life science industries.

The founders of KIYATEC were able to utilize the Clemson University Research Foundation (CURF) to commercialize a novel 3D cell culture technology developed in the laboratories of Clemson University’s Department of Bioengineering. As the company grew and needed greater resources they found support in SC Launch in the form of seed funding and development, and later additional Stage 2 capital.

Learn more about KIYATEC and the support networks in Upstate SC.


GE Aviation is proud to be a part of economic development in the state of South Carolina. Our Upstate facility continues to ramp up production and will produce 400,000 high pressure turbine blades this year.”
Brad Brougher
GE Aviation

“Eighty percent of what you see in the US of optical ground wire was made right here. We make Google go.“
Grant Burns, AFL

“We don’t make the materials you use, we make the materials you use better.”
Steve Prout, Southeast President, Solar Atmospheres


More than 14,000 Upstate resident inventors have registered U.S. patents since 2000. From advancing optical connectivity to pioneering bioresorbables to lightweighting solutions for the automotive and aerospace industries, innovation and engineering are fueling the materials cluster in the Upstate.

International Support and Resources

Did you know – 7.7% of the Upstate’s population speaks a language other than English at home.