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Our company specializes in providing project management support services. We believe that Agile and Waterfall project management serve their purposes, and both are incorporated in our [bu:st] method.
[bu:st] was founded in Germany in 1999, with its headquarters in Munich. Today we have grown to over 200 people worldwide, with our US office being located in Greenville, SC since 2008. We have successfully supported companies in various different industries, e.g. Automotive, Construction, Healthcare, Marine, and also in the non-profit world. Our added value is in planning and executing projects, by creating efficient project management processes and structures, starting from Reporting-, to Schedule-, Risk-, Communication-, Supplier-Management, and more.

Marcus Hamaker
3535 Pelham Road, Suite 201
Greenville, SC 29615
Email: Marcus.Hamaker@bu-st.com
Phone: (864) 382-9527
Website: www.bu-st.com