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Greenville’s High Tech Eco-system Highlighted on NPR Segment

November 7, 2014

NPR’s David Green recently sat down with Planet Money’s Adam Davidson to discuss the new face of manufacturing, specifically the need for continous improvements in highly skilled education and training practices.

Davidson specifically noted that while Greenville’s eco-system of high tech manufacturers is what smart economic developers want, the key to a successful decade of manufacturing lies in continuous educational development and skill set training. Simply stated, the key skill is the ability to learn more skills.

Greenville has continued to focus on this “brain work over brawn work” mentality, with new developments such as the Greenville Technical College Center for Manufacturing Innovation, an 100,000-square-foot advanced-technology training center with an opening anticipated for late 2015.

Listen to the NPR segment “Future U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Will Require More Brain Than Brawn.”


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