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UBJ: Move Up helps Upstate employers recruit talent

June 2, 2023

Website’s cost-of-living calculator, housing info and lifestyle highlights are powerful tools for hiring managers

The Upstate Business Journal (UBJ) recently highlighted the Upstate SC Alliance’s talent attraction initiative, Move Upstate SC, as an online resource for HR representatives and hiring professionals in the Upstate. The website helps local employers fill jobs by addressing the reasons why individuals may want to relocate to the region and further their careers here.

Relocation factors generally fall into several categories, with the No. 1 factor tied between cost of living and housing availability. To help prospective employees make informed moving decisions, Move Up features communities across the Upstate and a cost-of-living calculator that allows users to compare Greenville, Anderson and Spartanburg to markets across the country.

A decision to move is often based on more than just numbers. To this end, Move Up also provides resources that appeal to quality of life and the many cultural and outdoor opportunities available in the Upstate:

“Citing the region’s 219 days of sunshine, 556 miles of bike trails and more, Move Up showcases the Upstate’s arts, culture, food scene, sports action and adventure amenities.” (UBJ)

Access to career opportunities are another factor that influences a decision to move. Individuals want to know that they have a path for career growth — both  within their employer’s existing business and within the region’s ecosystem.

Lakessa Wright, longtime employee at the Spartanburg-based Milliken & Company, is an example of someone who found job variety and career fulfillment within a single company. Her role allows her to see the world while advancing her more than 20-year career within Milliken & Company, which was recently named a Top 100 Global Most Loved Company for its positive impact on its employees.

And finally, diversity and inclusion factors are a growing request from would-be relocators who seek to ensure that every person has access to the region’s lifestyle and career opportunities.

For employers looking to fill talent gaps, Move Upstate SC’s assortment of tools can help potential hires from outside the region see the Upstate’s offerings in career potential, quality of life, and low cost-of-living.

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