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Por Favor Crafted Gifts brings the WOW factor to gifting!

If you are looking to make a first impression, win the client, or say “thank you” with a gift that someone will want to keep, we are your people! The days of mediocre thank you’s or gifts that tend to end up in the bin are over. We pride ourselves on unique, custom gifts while throwing the “one size fits all” out the window.

Por Favor is a one-stop shop: we take your order, customize your vision board, pack it up in a beautiful magnetic box, tie the perfect (Tiffany’s style) bow, stamp it with real wax & YOUR logo and hand deliver (or ship with UPS for a smokin’ deal)… all you have to do is call… or write… or text …or Instagram/Facebook message — truly whatever makes your life the easiest! We hand-tie every bow, stamp and pour every wax seal and thank the good Lord for it all!

SUMMARY: We make your life easier. We find the most unique, elevated gifts, custom to your recipient and we have a lot of fun doing it!

Alexandra Odum & Lynn Odum
Phone: (505) 261-4682
Email: [email protected]
Website: shopporfavor.com