VYRTY™ Corporation, doing business as Sync.MD®, was founded in 2015 in Redmond, WA, to provide patients with superior mobile technology to collect, store, and share their personal health information. Started through a unique partnership between technology leaders and dedicated healthcare providers, Sync.MD® set out to ease the communication burden between disparate electronic medical record systems through patented, innovative technologies that place the patient at the center of their information exchange.

Sync.MD® is a developer of a patented, MultiDimensional technology which allows users to become the true custodian of their health records through a patient-centric digital platform that places the power of information exchange at their fingertips. We entered the marketplace with our mobile personal health record (PHR) application in 2017. The Sync.MD app enables individuals to collect and securely store their complete and current health records, and upload documents on their smartphone for seamless sharing of medical records with healthcare providers.

Today, the company has relocated to Anderson, SC, and expanded their technological capabilities by adding identity verification, e-signatures, e-forms, and B2C and B2B secure document storage and exchange. No longer just in the healthcare industry, Sync.MD® has entered the automotive, financial services, real estate, and government industries with our patented secure data exchange technology solutions.

Cecilia Zapata-Harms, MS, MHA
Executive VP, Corporate Operations & Strategy
1428 Pearman Dairy Road
Anderson, SC 29625
Phone: 206.841.0075
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.syncmd.com